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Our cleaning process

Deep cleaning Ceramic and Porcelain tile and grout is completed using state of the art tools and equipment. Floors are pre-treated using a detergent which is then agitated into the floor with a focus on the grout lines. Each grout line is scrubbed to loosen any stubborn soils. Then we use the Turbo Hybrid system to extract and rinse the floor. The turbo Hybrid utilizes a high pressure spray within a simultaneous vacuum recovery. This means all the soils and detergents are removed from the floor. This ensures your floors stay clean as other systems may leave behind soaps, soils and detergents that may attract dirt very quickly.

Do you need your floors professionally cleaned?

You may be asking yourself do I really need my floors cleaned professionally? Well lets go over that question together! Over time our floors get dirty, and even if you keep up with regular maintenance your grout lines are porous surfaces that get soiled very easily. Especially with the bucket and mop method of cleaning. That’s why it’s essential that once you have us professionally clean your tile and grout or natural stone floors, you use our recommended maintenance methods to keep your floors looking their best for as long as possible. After having your floors cleaned professionally, sealing grout lines and natural stone floors like travertine, marble and lime stone can be a great way to make your regular maintenance easier and more effective! Whether you decide to seal your floors or not, our recommended cleaning method is still the same! The reason we don’t recommend the age old method of mopping floors bucket and mop style, is because the mop doesn’t pick up all the dirt and grime off your floors. Some dirt makes it back in the bucket but the rest of it gets spread around and left behind in the grout lines and other crevices of your floors. So what do we recommend? The key to this method is having new floors or professionally cleaned floors before you start because it will not clean heavy soiling but it will keep your floors looking like new for longer! Start by vacuuming this will get all the loose soils off the floor. Next Use a stone safe neutral cleaner you can find at Home Depot or Amazon. Once you have the cleaner put it in a spray bottle and spray a roughly 6 square foot section of floor at a time. Next use a micro fiber mop to spread it out until there is a even sheen on the floor and let dry. Just be sure to change out your micro fiber as needed. Every family is different but repeating this process once a week is a good rule of thumb. That’s it, it’s simple and it works because micro fibers have a natural static clinging effect that picks up all those dirt particles that your mop is leaving behind and the neutral cleaner sanitizes and leaves no haze. Links to what you need are below.

Recommended Maintenance Cleaning Supplies

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We use clear penetrating sealer that keeps dirt out and makes cleaning easier then ever!

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